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The Wind Engineering Research Center of Central South University has five advanced wind tunnel experimental platforms, including CSU-WT1 closed-circuit wind tunnel, CSU-WT2 closed-circuit wind tunnel, CSU-WT3 open-jet wind tunnel, CSU-WT4 open-jet wind tunnel, and CSU-WT5 tornado simulator. The center currently has 12 full-time researchers, including 7 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 engineering, and 5 postdoctoral researchers.

The main research fields of the center include bridge wind engineering, high-speed train-bridge system aerodynamics, high-rise building wind load and wind-induced vibration, bluff body aerodynamics and flow control, vehicle aerodynamics, new energy structure wind resistance, etc. In recent years, the center has completed a number of major scientific research projects and major engineering and technological breakthroughs.


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