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Sino-Thai Railway Infrastructure Symposium Held In Chiang Mai, Thailand

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From April 23rd to 24th, China-Thailand "Development of the railway infrastructure based on civil engineering perspectives: China-Thailand's experience" seminar was held jointly by Central South University and Chiang Mai University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In our college, Chen Xiaobin, Wang Hanfeng, Qiu Tong, Yan Bin, Hou Wenqi, Xiao Yuanjie, Teng Jidong, and Yan Lei attended the relevant conference.

The meeting was hosted by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Chiangmai University, Associate Professor Nat Vorayot, and he delivered a welcome speech. Sarayoot Thongyot, an engineer at Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited, presented the construction experience of the Thai railway. Associate Professor Boonchai Sangpetngam of Chulalongkorn University introduced the history of the development of the Bangkok Metro Line. Associate Professor Songyot Kitthamkesorn of Chiang Mai University introduced the research progress of the metro passenger flow forecast in Thailand.

After the tea break, Associate Professor Qiu Tong from our college presided over the meeting. Associate Professor Xiao Yuanjie and He Shicui, a student from Thailand at Central South University, introduced the international exchange situation of Central South University and the life conditions of international students. Professor Wang Hanfeng and Associate Professor Yan Lei introduced the new progress in the research on the aerodynamics of trains and bridges in our college; Professor Chen Xiaobin and Associate Professor Hou Wenqi introduced our research institute in the field of ballastless track-soil dynamics and vehicle-bridge vibration. Associate Professor Xiao Yuanjie, Associate Professor Qiu Tong, and Associate Professor Teng Jidong introduced new progress in geotechnical mechanics and geological disasters. Associate Professor Yan Bin presented the research progress in the seismic response of the bridge-ballastless track system.

The atmosphere of the conference was warm and peaceful. The academic report of our teachers was warmly welcomed and highly appreciated by teachers and students of Chiang Mai University. After the meeting, the teachers of our school formed a delegation and interviewed more than ten Thai undergraduate students who wished to apply for a master's degree at Central South University. They conducted Preliminary communication and understanding on the status of their undergraduate students, their overseas study plans, and their professional foundation, and gave guidance on their study abroad at Central South University.

The teachers’ representatives of our school held a cooperation forum with the Dean of the Engineering Institute of Chiang Mai University, the Dean of the Energy Institute and some teachers. They reached a consensus on the construction of the China-Thailand Joint Laboratory, the sharing of scientific research platforms, and the declaration of the China-Thailand Joint Fund. Associate Professor Nat Vorayot of the Academy of Engineering plans to visit Central South University in June this year to further develop substantive cooperation in scientific research and joint training of students.

This academic conference was highly recognized by the Thai side and further expanded the international influence of Central South University and our institute. It played a role in promoting the internationalization level of our university and promoting the development of double-class construction.