Investigation of WindWind LoadingStructures: From Full-ScaleLaboratory Experimen

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报告题目:Investigation of Wind and Wind Loading on Structures: From Full-Scale and Laboratory Experiments to Analytical/Numerical Modeling

报 告 人: 左德龙 美国德州理工大学 副教授

时 间: 2016年8月11日(星期四)下午3:00

地 点: 中南大学风洞实验室210#



Many forms of wind exist in the atmospheric boundary layer of the earth. The extreme ones include severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes, which often cause structural damages of the first-passage type. The assessment of wind loading by such extreme winds is challenging in that the winds in question often exhibit non-Gaussian and non-stationary characteristics while the conventional approach for the analysis of wind loading on structures is based on the assumption of the wind being Gaussian and Stationary. On the other hand, although non-extreme winds are often of the synoptic type and can be reasonably assumed to be Gaussian and Stationary, the wind loading on structures that are susceptible to this type of wind is often due to wind-structure interaction that is nonlinear in nature. Although such loading might not cause extreme failures, they can cause significant fatigue damages and jeopardize the safety and performance of the structures.

Addressing these challenges in the assessment of wind loading on structures requires full-scale measurements for understanding the prototype problems, testing of models of structures or structural components in the laboratory for quantification of the core parameters that describe the problems and, on this basis, analytical/numerical modeling for prediction of the loading and/or structural response. This presentation illustrates the application of these methods in the modeling and simulation of winds and wind loading on structures. Examples given included numerical modeling and simulation of nonstationary winds, laboratory simulation of tornado-like vortices and modeling of rain-wind-induced vibration of stay cables based on full-scale observations.


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