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CSU-1 Wind Tunnel: A close-circuit atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel with two test sections.

CSU-1 wind tunnel belongs to the National Engineering Laboratory for High-speed Railway Construction, which has six major experimental systems.

CSU-1 wind tunnel had been constructed since 2009 to 2012, which is a Close-circuit atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel with two test sections. The low speed section is of 12 m wide, 3.5 m high and 18 m long. The wind speed in the low speed section ranges from 0-20 m/s, with a turbulence intensity of 1%. The high speed section is of 3 m wide, 3 m high and 15 m long, with wind speed ranges from 0-94 m/s, and turbulence intensity less than 0.5%. CSU-1 wind tunnel is characterized by its large scale test sections and high flow quality. CSU-1 wind tunnel is equipped with high frequency pressure scanner, force balance, Cobra probe, hot-wire anemometer, Laser displacement transducer, 3-component load cell, micro pressure transducer and data sampling system. CSU-1 is suitable for the experiments for bridge wind engineering, train aerodynamic, structure wind engineering and wind environment.

The research staff includes Prof. Xuhui He, Prof. Hanfeng Wang, Dr. Dongmei Huang, Dr. Lingyao Li and Dr. Yunfeng Zou. Their research interests cover bridge wind engineering, aerodynamic coupling between high-speed train and bridge, aerodynamic forces and FIV of high-rise buildings, bluff body aerodynamics and also train aerodynamics.

There are six Ph.D and more than twenty Master students are currently supervised by the research staff of  wind tunnel.

Main parameters of CSU-1 wind tunnel



Structure Type

Close-loop low speed wind tunnel with two tests sections

High-speed section

Low-speed section

Sizewidth × height × length



Wind speed range



Turbulence intensity






Stabilization of dynamic pressure



Yaw angle / inclined angle

Δ α≤±0.5°
Δ β≤±0.5°

Δ α≤±1.0°
Δ β≤±1.0°

Axial static pressure gradient



CSU-2 Wind Tunnel: A Small Open-straight Wind Tunnel

Dimension of test section: 0.45 m × 0.45 m × 1 m

Wind speed range: 0-42 m/s

Turbulence intensity < 0.6%