Name: ZHANG Yunliang

Date of birth: April, 1963

Academic diplomas: B. a.

Professional title: Associate Professor

Department: Department of Tunnel Engineering

E-mail: 498995363@qq.com

education BACKGROUND

[1] 1997.6, Class for advanced studies of graduated student, Traffic and Civil Engineering, Hunan University, P. R. China.

[2] 1986.7, B. a., Mining Engineering, Central South University of Technology, P. R. China.


[1] 1986/9 – 1998/7, Lecturer, Changsha Non-ferrous Metal Junior College

[2] 1998/9 – 2000/4, Associate Professor, Central South University of Technology

[3] 2000/5– Present, Associate Professor, Department of Tunnel Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Central South University


Tunnel Engineering

Blasting Engineering


research interests

[1] Blasting technique of tunnelling

[2] Construction technology and disease treatment technology of tunnel and underground engineering

[3] Monitor and advance geology forecasting technique of tunnel



[1] ZHANG Yunliang, NIE Ziyun, LI Fengxiang, WANG Changsheng. Deformation prediction of excavations based on numerical analysis [J]. Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 2012, 34(Sl): 113-119.

[2] ZHANG Yunliang, NIE Ziyun, LI Fengxiang. Three-dimensional numerical analysis of the effect of voids on existing road tunnel linings [J]. Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science), 2013, 34(2): 94-98.

[3] ZHANG Yunliang, CAO Wei, WANGJian, LEI Mingfeng. Blasting technique for controlling excessive and insufficient excavation in tunnel with horiaontal layered rockmass [J]. Journal of Railway Science and Engineering, 2010, 6(4): 59-62.

[4] PENG Limin, WANG Wei, ZHANG Yunliang. Tunnel Engineering [M]. Wuhan: Wuhan University Press, 2014.