ZHANG Guoxiang(张国祥)

Born 4, 1962.

Highest degree: Dr

Title: professor, Dr. Tutor

Department: Geotechnical engineering

E-mail: gxzh@csu.edu.cn, 917661968 @qq.com

Education experience

1979.09-1983.07 Department of civil engineering, Central South University ,Bachelor degree, railway and road engineering

1983.09-1986.07 Department of civil engineering, Central South University ,master degree, geotechnical engineering

1996.09-1999.12 Central South University, department of civil engineering ,Dr.degree, the bridge and tunnel engineering

2005.10 -2006.12 Swedish royal institute of technology Institute of civil engineering and construction ,visiting scholar

Academic part-time

National natural science funds, the natural science funds of Hunan province peer-reviewed expert;

China postdoctoral fund evaluation expert;

Ministry of education doctoral fund evaluation expert;

Ministry of education degree and postgraduate education development center evaluation expert


Zhang Guoxiang(张国祥), male, born in April 1962. Ph.D., professor, doctoral tutor; Geotechnical engineering, the research direction in subgrade construction and the foundation; Major teaching of foundational engineering, soil mechanics, the numerical analysis of geotechnical engineering, and advanced soil mechanics; Published books: " potential slip surface theory and its application in analysis of slope", up to 2015, more than 150 academic papers; Won the third prize (3)of provincial and first prize  2, . Done a lot of the retaining structure, the pile foundation engineering, deep foundation pit supporting, soft soil foundation treatment, research, design and testing of subgrade pavement work.


Undergraduate courses:

Foundation engineering, soil mechanics, the subgrade engineering, geotechnical engineering survey

Master courses:

Higher soil mechanics, numerical analysis of geotechnical engineering


Soil mechanics and rock mechanics

Slope stability analysis

Rock and soil strength theory and the limit analysis

 finite element theory


Published monographs, textbooks, and design and construction standards and guidelines

[1] monograph of "potential slip surface theory and application in the analysis of slope", Central South University published, 2000.9

[2] Participated in " foundation treatment and reinforcement",  teaching material, Central South University published, 2002.8

[3] Participated in" Changsha retaining wall and the foundation pit supporting engineering design, construction and acceptance of the regulations," Hunan science and technology published, 2000.10


[1] Repair design expert system of Rail combat readiness , won the first prize of progress in science and technology of ministry of railways,1995 .

[2] Interactive optimization design system of structure, won the second prize of excellent achievement of Shandong province in 1998