Zehong YU

Date of Birth: April 1966

Highest Education: Doctor

Job Title: Professor

Department: Department of architectural engineering



Education background

In june 1988, graduated from Changsha University of Science and Technology, bachelor degree

In september 1995, graduated from Changsha University of Science and Technology, master

In september 2005, graduated from Hunan University, doctor



    Zehong YU, female,born in 1966.In 1988, he graduated with a bachelor degree. After that, he worked on structure and geotechnical engineering, and her resear field involves interaction analysis of upper-lower structure and computation theory of earth structure. Lots of achievement published by famous journals, such as Journal of engineering mechanics, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, and so on. Ms YU is undertaking three projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.59278364,50778181,51178472) and twelve projects at ministerial level. in addition, she obtained second prize of Hunan province Science and Technology progress award (No. 001120,2001018387-2-07).


Design theory of high-rise structure


Interaction analysis of upper-lower structure

Computation theory of  earth structures