Born 2,1969.

Highest degree: postdoctoral

Title: professor, Dr. Tutor

 Department: Tunnel engineering

E-mail: jsyang@csu.edu.cn


Education experience

1986.09 ~ 1990.06 Xiangtan Mining College, bachelor degree of mining engineering

1990.09 ~ 1993.06 Huainan Mining Institute ,master degree of mining engineering

1993.09 ~ 1996.11 Central South University, Dr. degree of mining engineering

1996.12 ~ 2000.06 Hunan university , postdoctoral degree of civil and hydraulic engineering

2001.09 ~ 2002.10 visiting scholar of  Pennsylvania State University

2014.08 ~ 2014.09 Germany Fry berg industrial university visiting scholar

Introduction: Yang Junsheng, male, born in February 1969, Yongxing county of Hunan province. Dr., professor, Central South University sublimation scholars distinguished professor. In 1998 and 2005, as a youth backbone teachers and discipline leader in Hunan province in 2008,be chosen to the new century 121talents project of Hunan province and the ministry of education  new century excellent talents support project. Mainly engaged in the tunnel and underground engineering teaching and scientific research, academic research, including: the tunnel and underground engineering construction mechanics and risk assessment, the tunnel construction and mutual influence of adjacent structures, shield tunneling technology, the tunnel diseases and defect of management, tunnel and underground engineering  informatization construction, geotechnical mechanics, etc.



Academic part-time

Director of tunnel and underground engineering branch of China civil engineering institute

Member of USA TRB of tunnel and underground structure committee


Teaching courses

Master students: rock mass mechanics, subway structure and design

Undergraduate students: tunnel engineering, rock mechanics, underground buildings project



 Tunnel and underground engineering