Xu Linrong  (徐林荣)

Born 9.1964

Highest degree: Dr.

Title: professor, Dr. Tutor

Department: Geotechnical engineering

Position: Deputy director of high speed railway construction technology national engineering laboratory

XU Linrong, postdoctoral, professor, Dr. Tutor . Deputy director of High speed railway construction national engineering laboratory. Main research direction for the governance of geological disasters, geological disaster risk evaluation, roadbed engineering and geological disasters, special soil subgrade foundation treatment technology and design theory, embankment settlement rule, roadbed diseases and control measures, geosynthetic materials application in the embankment and slope engineering and environmental engineering.


 Education experience

2004-2006, Central South University, management science and engineering, postdoctoral

1997-2001, Central South University, road and railway engineering, Dr degree

1990-1993, Changsha Railway Institute, geotechnical engineering, master  degree

1982-1986, Southwest Jiaotong University, engineering geology,  bachelor degree


Academic part-time

Meteorological and geological disasters in national science and technology progress prize expert

Ministry of education of science and technology awards evaluation expert

Ministry of education Chang jiang scholars evaluation expert

presiding expert of construction land geological disaster risk assessment of Hunan review committee presiding expert

Deputy director of Hunan nonferrous resources and geological hazards exploring key laboratory  

Subject function review member of the state council

Reviewer of 863 Science and technology project of national ministry of science and technology

National natural science fund evaluation committee member

Association director of Chinese geosynthetic materials engineering

International geosynthetic materials engineering association member

Deputy director of Railway engineering branch of China railway institute of geology and roadbed professional committee member


" Higher soil mechanics"

" Geotechnical engineering project "

"Soil mechanics"


Subgrade engineering

Foundation treatment and the reinforcement

"Higher engineering geology"

foundation treatment

civil engineering geological


Roadbed projects: high speed railway post-construction settlement control , highway and railway improvement of packing and the construction technology , high speed railway maintenance

Foundation treatment, railway and highway soft soil, expansive soil, loess, frozen soil and special soil foundation treatment methods and technologies  

Geological disasters; Prevention and control of geological disasters, such as collapse, landslide and debris flow design, site monitoring, and warning forecast based on the technology of Internet and the application in the railway departments, and risk assessment

Geosynthetic materials application: geosynthetic materials in road, railway and road subgrade and foundation treatment as reinforcement pad


Research projects

Deputy editor of the national higher engineering geological master courses (1), the foundation treatment and reinforcement, etc.( 4) . 

XU Linrong, deputy editor  National graduate courses  higher engineering geological, mechanical industry published, 2005

XU Linrong  Compile the foundation treatment and reinforcement Central south university published, 2005