Wu Bin, master of engineering, researcher, master tutor. In 1980  was admitted to Changsha railway institute of railway engineering in railway engineering,  graduated in 1984 and in the department of civil engineering surveying teaching and research section for engineering surveying, the surveying course teaching and guiding practice, the former Changsha railway institute, director of the department of civil engineering surveying teaching and research section, 1995, President of Changsha railway institute, deputy director of Dept, deputy director of the evaluation, deputy director of the Dept of Central South University, 2000, 2010, Central South University undergraduate college cultivate management office director, President of school of continuing education, Central South University in 2014. Publicly published over 60 papers, of which the EI, CSCD, CSSCI indexed more than 40. 7 provincial excellent thesis, won the excllent youth award of science and technology of Hunan province, and Hunan province natural science academic thesis. Published 1 book. Undertake research projects above the provincial level 6, research projects(9). Won the national, provincial teaching achievement prizes (10). In1999,won the office advanced worker of colleges and universities in Hunan province , in 2002, won the prize of progress of China science and technology development foundation education "MAO yisheng railway special award, excellent educational workers of colleages in Hunan province in 2007, won the first excllent communist party member pacesetter, Central South University in 2010, won the national class quality for participating in the" error theory and the measurement adjustment of basic course ", in 2012 in Hunan province excellent education workers, merit citation 2 class .

Now mainly engaged in measuring teaching research and education management,  research for the study of the theory of the error theory and mechanical adjustment method and applications. Road and railway engineering.