Wei Limin


Highest degree: Dr. degree

Title: professor, Doctoral Tutor

Department: Geotechnical engineering

E-mail: lmwei@mail.csu.edu.cn


Education experience

1981.09-1986.07 Changsha Railway Institute, railway engineering, bachelor degree;

1986.09-1989.07 Changsha Railway Institute, geotechnical engineering, master degree;

1999.09 -2005.11 Central South University, road and railway engineering, Dr. degree


Academic part-time

Member of international association of geosynthetic materials society


Basic engineering

Higher foundation engineering

Higher soil mechanics

Geotechnical engineering progress


Basic engineering

The subgrade engineering

Settlement prediction and control


1.Host and participate in more than 20 provincial-level scientific research projects. Such as:

Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway roadbed without a frantic jumble settlement regularity and measurement technology research ( 2005 K002-B-6)

 District Hangzhou-Ningbo railway passenger dedicated line deep soft soil layer construction technology research (2009 g008 - B)

Dangerous mountain area comprehensive monitoring system of high speed railway line engineering deformation remote automation research (2010 e003 - B)

High speed railway roadbed and bridge foundation settlement analysis, monitoring and evaluation technology research (2008 g031 - B)

2. More than 80 academic papers, 2of materials, design area construction standard and guide 3. Such as:

A computational method for the post -- construction settlement of high - speed railway bridge running the foundation considering soil creep effect

Improve Koppejan creep model and  application

Sticky soft soil roadbed large strain elastic plastic and the contrast analysis of subsidence prediction

3. Authorization 1 national invention patents.

4. Three software copyright.


Won the provincial science and technology progress prize five, one of the first prize.