Qiao Shifan(乔世范) . Shandong Junan


Highest degree: Dr

Title: professor, Dr. Tutor

Department:  Geotechnical engineering

E-mail: qiaoshifan@163.com


QIAO Shifan , male, Shandong Junan , born in May 1975. Dr Engineering, Central South University, professor, Dr. Tutor.

Mainly engaged in environmental geotechnical engineering ,roadbed engineering, underground engineering and geotechnical information of 3 d visualization simulation (BIM) technology, and other aspects of the teaching and scientific research , proficient in BIM technology software Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Catia, Abaqus, etc. Now, part-time assistant of dean of civil engineering of Central South University part-time assistant.

 More than 30 academic thesis published in journals of domestic and overseas, including SCI, EI, more than 20. Participated in published 1; Editor of local design and construction guide 1 ;  Manage and complete the 863 and national natural science funds and over 10 provincial scientific research projects; Won the national software copyright 6: overloaded railway roadbed condition assessment system (2011 SR067642), geotechnical engineering geological exploration and intelligent mapping system (2014 SR083659), foundation pit monitoring information system (2014SR111745),tunnel monitoring system (2014SR083662) ,subway monitoring information system (2014 sr178922),  engineering geological information database management system2014SR070463,won the 1st prize of progress of provincial science and technology .


Education experience:

1994.09-1998.06 Henan Polytechnic University , geological engineering (Bachelor degree);

1998.09-2001.06 Henan Polytechnic University ,geotechnical engineering (Master degree);

2001.09 -2006.10 Road and railway engineering, Central South University (Dr. degree);

2007.10-2010.10 Road and railway engineering, Tongji University (postdoctoral)

In May 2004, Hong Kong Polytechnic University ,civil and structural engineering (RA)

In April 2007, Hong Kong Polytechnic University , civil and structural engineering  (RA)

2011.10-2012.10 Southampton University (visiting scholar and visiting researcher)


Embankment and retaining structure

Civil engineering geology (undergraduate)

Higher soil mechanics (master)


Geological hazard and prevention

Landslide disaster mechanism and control technology

Special subgrade treatment engineering

Subway shield construction of geotechnical environmental effect and risk control technology

Geotechnical and underground engineering 3 d visualization and simulation technology


In recent years, host research and completed projects:

[1] National natural science fund: basic research of space-time unified failure criterion of random medium and its application in environmental geotechnical engineering , 2008-2010

[2] National 863 program "overloaded railway bridge and roadbed detection and strengthening technology" corpus: subgrade state evaluation system research, 2009-2011

[3] Significant research topic of the ministry of water resources of the Yangtze river: water resources and hydropower engineering survey information system for 3 d visualization, 2011-2013

[4] Bureau of Hunan province program: highway and underlying karst, goaf interaction,and engineering measures research, 2008-2010

[5] Department of science of Hunan province programs: building under complicated geological conditions and  the subway shield construction under river of geotechnical environmental effect and risk control technology, 2013-2014

[6 Guizhou province traffic hall programs: Guizhou mountainous area highway coarse fillers and post-construction settlement of embankment consolidation control technology, 2015-2016

[7] Horizontal topic: Changsha metro line 1 the buildings and under the river rich water compound formation of shield construction environmental effect and risk control technology research, 2013-2014

[8] Horizontal topic: Nanjing metro line 3 of shield construction under complicated geological conditions of risk and control measures research 2013-2014

[9] Horizontal topic: overloaded railway subgrade condition assessment guide, 2013-2014

[10] Horizontal topic (BIM) : Hunan province Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge engineering finite element numerical simulation, Guizhou province Baling River southwest of anchorage in the finite element numerical analysis, karst subsidence with highway interaction finite element numerical analysis, Jiang Zhu highway slope stability, the numerical simulation, etc.


Software copyright:

[1] Central south university(QIAO Shifan ) ,foundation pit monitoring information system (hereinafter referred to as: JKDM] V1.0 (registration number: 2014 SR111745)

[2] Central South University ((QIAO Shifan ) overloaded railway subgrade condition assessment system (hereinafter referred to as: HRRAS 2011-03-01 (registration number 2011 sr067642 )

[3] Central South University (QIAO Shifan )  geotechnical engineering geological exploration of intelligent mapping system (abbreviation: ZNCTXT] V1.0 2014-4-18 (registration number: 2014 sr083659)

[4] Central South University (QIAO Shifan ) metro monitor information system (2014 sr178922)

[5] Central South University (QIAO Shifan ) engineering geological information database management system software V1.0 (registration number: 2014 sr070463)

[6] Central South University (QIAO Shifan ) tunnel monitoring information system (hereinafter referred to as: TMDM] V1.0 (registration number: 2014 sr083662)


[1] overloaded railway roadbed state detection and reinforcement technology, Beijing: science published, 2014

[2] overloaded railway subgrade condition assessment guidelines Beijing: China railway published, 2015

Published: (more than 30 papers, by SCI, EI, included 24)


Overloaded railway bridge and roadbed testing, evaluation and reinforcement technology, won the 1st prize of progress of science and technology of Hunan province 2015.1