Peng Limin

Date of Birth December,1956

Highest degree: Ph.D.

Title: professor, PhD Advisor

Department: Tunnel engineering


Education Background


1978.03 -1982.01 Bachelor Degree , Changsha railway institute

1983.08-1986.07 Master Degree in bridge and tunnel engineering,Changsha railway institute

1995.08-2000.06 PhD Degree in bridge and tunnel engineering , Central South University Work experience

1982.2-1983.7: Assistant Engineer, The Ministry of Railways Affiliated No. 2 Survey & Design Institute .

1986.8 - Present: Faculty member of  School of Civil engineering at Central South University

1986.8-1988.6:Lecturer ;

1988.7-1994.5: Assistant professor;

1994.6-2000.5: Associate professor;

2000.6 -present: Professor, PhD Student Advisor appointed since 2001.6

1994.2 ~ 2004.8: Dean of civil engineering and the tunnel engineering department in Central South University

2004.9 ~ 2014.6: Deputy President of the institute of civil engineering.

2014.7 - Present: Executive deputy chief editor of Journal of Railway science and engineering.

Academic part-time

Deputy director, Institute of tunnel and underground engineering , Chinese society of Civil engineers ;

Deputy director of Hunan Highway society ;

Member of Editorial Board for Journals of "Modern tunnel technology" and "Disaster"



Undergraduate-level courses:

Tunnel engineering

The underground railroad

Underground architectural planning and design

Master graduate level courses:

The boundary element theory



 1. The main research areas

(1) The theoretical research of structure safety and dynamic characteristics of high-speed railway tunnel

(2) The structure design research of overloaded railway tunnel bottom structure load-bearing characteristics

(3) The underground structure performance and environmental coupling mechanism

2. The Typical research subject

(1)  The underground structure performance and environmental coupling mechanism. National ministry of science and technology "973 plan" project (2011 CB013802)

(2) The research of dynamic characteristics and structure of high speed railway crossing tunnel and structure safety theory . National natural fund of high-speed rail joint fund (U1134208)

(3) The adaptability and kinetic characteristics of more than 30 t axle load condition of railway infrastructure ; National natural fund coal fund (U1361204)

(4) The research and application of railway tunnel grade separation construction technology.


1. The typical research projects

Successively presided over the national "973 " project, National natural foundation key projects and the four projects, more than 10 provincial subjects and more than 40 projects sponsored by private parties/corporations, 1st prize of provincial science and technology advancement (3), 2nd prize (2), 3rd prize (3). In the national all levels of academic journals published more than 150 academic papers, including more than 60  indexed by SCI, EI, ISTP , won the national invention patents7, copyrighted software items6, the MAO Yisheng research award in 2008. Three professional teaching material and published 6 academic monographs and textbooks. Led by the tunnel engineering in 2008 was named national quality course; the 1st prize for the provincial teaching achievement(1),  second prize(2), third prize(3);  a prize of Central South University teaching masters in 2009. Advised doctoral students, advised 50 students (graduated) , including three advisees were awarded prizes for excellent master thesis of Hunan province.


Academic awards

1. Scientific research award

[1]Won the prize of MAO Yisheng railway special education science and technology  (2008)

[2] Won the 1st prize of progress in scientific and technological of  AnHui province, high-speed railway branch of key technologies for city with heavy section tunnel (7) in 2011,

[3] Won the 1st prize of progress in science and technology Chinese railway society: the major technology of complex karst mountains,YiWan (2011)

[4] Won the 1st prize of progress in science and technology of Henan: the underground design and construction of shallow bay roas tunnel underground running method and risk control technology  (2012, no. 6)

[5] Won the 2nd prize of progress in scientific and technological  of Hunan: ultra shallow buried large section of the overpass underwater tunnel construction technology research (1) in 2014,

[6] Won the 2nd prize of progress in scientific and technological  of Hunan: extra-long highway tunnel construction technology research (5) in 2008,  Zhongnan, Qingling

[7] Won the 3rd prize of progress in science and technology  Chinese railway engineering corporation: tunnel lining fire damage assessment and repair reinforcement measures (3) in 2002,

[8] Won the 3rd prize of progress of  science and technology progress of Guizhou: railway roadbed in rainy region, the comprehensive technology research of  lay a foundation and tunnel damages,  (5) in 2005,

[9] Won the 3rd prize in science and technology progress ,Anhui: rich water sand subway station integrated building technology (2014, no. 6)

2. Teaching awards

[1] Won the 1st prize in teaching achievement ,Hunan: this newspaper in science and engineering students' practical and innovative ability training mode of exploration and practice (3) in 2010,

[2] Won the 2nd prize in teaching achievement, Hunan: the expanding training of adapt to the internationalization requirements, improve engineering quality of engineering talent (2) in 2008,

[3] Won the 2nd prize in teaching achievement, Hunan: civil innovative research and practice of undergraduate talent training system (3) in 2008,

[4] Won the 3rd prize in teaching achievement, Hunan: civil engineering professional characteristic talents cultivation model research and practice (2) in 2013,

[5] Won the the fifth teaching masters award (2009), Central South University