Long Guangcheng

Highest academic degree£ºPh.D 
affiliation£ºCivil Engineering Materials Institute

Address: School of Civil Engineering, Central South University

No.68 Shaoshan South Road, Changsha City 410075, Hunan Province, P.R.China



Education experience

1993.09-1997.07  Shijiazhuang College, inorganic nonmetallic materials, Bachelor degree
1997.09-2000.07  Central South University, Building materials, Master degree
2000.09-2004.01  Tongji University, Materials Sciences, Doctor degree


Undergraduate courses£º

Civil Engineering Materials

Building Functional Materials

Master Courses£º

Concrete Science: Compositions, Microstructure and Properties

Doctor Courses£º

The Frontier Science of Civil Engineering Materials


  Self-Compacting Concrete

 Superhigh Performance Cementitious Composites

Concrete Durability


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