Liu Zanqun (刘赞群)

Born,8,1975., Shuangfeng ,Hunan

Highest degree: Dr

Title: Associate professor, Dr. Tutor

Department: civil engineering materials


Education experience

2001.09 -2004.07 Central South University , master's degree in engineering;

2005.09-2010.07 Central South University , Dr. degree in engineering;

2008.03 - 2010.04  Dr Engineering degree , Ghent University in Belgium.

 Academic part-time

International federation of Materials and Construction research trials (RILEM) 211 - PAE committee member, American concrete institute (ACI) 201 committee member, the international journal of "Construction and Building Materials", domestic journals "journal of silicate" referees .


Civil engineering materials

Building materials


Self-compacting concrete

Structure reinforcement material

New gelling material and its products

 Durability of concrete


Research projects

Scientific research project:

National natural science funds of China: Concrete structures under sulfate erosion evaporation area failure mechanism research (on the research project)

National 973 project: evolution and dynamic performance of high speed railway infrastructure service security basic research (research)

CRTS III plate without a frantic jumble of track structure self-compacting concrete development and application (r)

Academic award

The 1st prize of progress in science and technology of Hunan province in 2007

In 2014,won the 3rd prize of progress in natural science of Hunan province.