Xiaochun LIU

Date of Birth: December 1980

Highest Education: Doctor

Job Title: Lecturer, Master’s supervisor

Department: Department of architectural engineering


Education background

From September 2003 to June 2008, at Wuhan University,doctor

From September 1999 to June 2003,at Wuhan University,bachelor degree


Work experience

From Feburary 2012 to Feburary 2015, at Centra South University,post doctor

From July 2007 to now,at Central South University,lecturer


Contact information

Cell phone: +86-18684931196


Address: School of Civil engineering, Central South University, 22# South Shaoshan Road, Changsha, Hunan, China 410075

Office: 208#, NO. 2 Building, National Key Engineering Laboratory of Highspeed Railway Construction, Railway Campus, CSU

QQ: 9519205







Design Principle of Concrete Structure

Concrete structure and masonry structure design

Design of high rise building

Architectural structure


Scientific research field:

Engineering structure security and the reliability theory and application

Durability of concrete

High speed railway engineering structures by the time behavior

High performance concrete structures

Underground powerhouse rock crane beam structure



Selected Publications

[1]    ZHANG Yiru, WEI Jun, LIU Xiaochun. Finite Element Analysis on Welding Residual Stresses of Integral K-joints for Steel Box-Truss Bridge[J]. Journal of Railway Science and Engineering, (In Press)

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[7]    LIU Xiaochun, WEI Jun, LI Pei, YU Zhiwu. Load-transmitting performance evaluation method for hinge joint based on relative displacement [J]. Journal of Central South University (Science and Technology),201344(08):3377-3383EI:)(in Chinese)

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