Engineering surveying

Traffic engineering


Build high-speed, railway precision control network theory and method research

Railway line precision technology and line optimization method research

Highway construction risk assessment theory and method research

Large civil engineering, bridge, tunnel and underground engineering) deformation monitoring network meshing theory and method research


Research projects

Host research projects:

(1) "large cross-section tunnel in weak rock under complicated environment of blasting construction key technology research "(2015-2017), China railway tunel bureau

(2) " big span prestressed concrete continuous rigid frame (qianjiang) of the large bridge construction key technology research "(China railway bureau of Shanghai ,2013-2015)

(3) " laurel to high-speed Qianjiang bridge construction monitoring "(China railway bureau of Shanghai 2010-2015)

(4) "laurel to high-speed Qianjiang bridge steel trestle platform design and construction "(China railway bureau of Shanghai 2010)

(5) "Shanghai-Hangzhou passenger dedicated precast box girder  construction of the large bridge beam body shrinkage creep control technology research "(China railway 10th bureau, 2009-2010)

(6) " maglev test wire line linear precision measurement" (National University of Defense Technology, Beijing maglev holdings co., LTD., 2011)

(7) "YunGui railway section 2 CP , CP and elevation control survey "(China railway 25th bureau 2010-2011)

(8) "Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger ZhuanQing ShiChong linear monitoring for construction of large bridge,","Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger dedicated seguinii pave the linear monitoring for construction of large bridge " (China railway 4th bureau in (2008)

Participate in scientific research projects:

(1) "key technology research of small towns infrastructure engineering disaster prevention and mitigation (" 115program" national science and technology research projects)

(2) "GuangShenGang passenger dedicated line lion ocean research on tunnel engineering disasters and risk analysis" (fourth survey and design institute of China railway group co., LTD.)

(3) " Shen Hai highway Zhejiang road and Ningbo to wenzhou yueqing period of reconstruction engineering disasters and risk analysis "(traffic project  and design institute of Zhejiang province)

(4)"XiangPu line railway tunnel construction risk management model research" (Nanchang railway bureau)

(5) "China civil engineering construction safety risk management laws and regulations system research "(Chinese institute of engineering consulting projects)

(6)"track maintenance based on fixed pile control network technology "(Central South University institute of railway information technology projects, Changsha Tiexin traffic technology co., LTD. 2014-2017)