Dongmei HUANG


Date of Birth: May 1976

Highest Education: Doctor

Job Title: Associate professor, Master’s supervisor

Department: Department of architectural engineering


Tel: 15111429250


Education background

From September 1994 to June 1998, at Wuhan University of Technology, bachelor degree

From September 2000 to June 2003, at Wuhan University of Technology, master

From September 2006 to October 2009, at Central South University, doctor


Work experiences

From July 1998 to June 2006, at Guangxi Technical College, lecturer

From December 2009 to now, at Central South University, associate professor



Concrete structure and masonry structure design

Design Principle of Steel Structure

Building engineering

Anti-quake Architectural Structure Design



Structure seismic

Vehicle-bridge coupled

Engineering structure vibration

Engineering structure parameter identification


Scientific research project:

Presided over and participated in national and provincial and ministerial projects are more than a dozen, Mainly as follows:

Key project of science and technology plan of China Railway Corporation: Research on key parameters of wind resistant design of high speed railway bridge-train system, 2015.01-2017.12, participate in

University Innovation Platform Open Fund Project of Hunan Province: Study on aerodynamic characteristics and wind protection measures of the track train under complex wind field, 2014.07-2017.07, preside over

National Natural Science Youth Foundation of China: Investigation on unsteady and nonlinear aerodynamic model and wind-induced nonlinear vibration and bifurcation of high-rise buildings, 2013.01-2015.12, preside over

Natural Science Youth Fund of Hunan Province: Unsteady and nonlinear aerodynamic model and influence of aeroelastic and aerodynamic interference effects on wind effects of tall building, 2012.01-2014.12, preside over

Open subject of Key Laboratory of wind resistant technology for bridge structure: Study on wavelet transform identification method for non-linear flutter derivatives of bridge deck in turbulent wind field, 2011.01-2013.12, preside over

Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China: Study on mechanism and differences of bridges nonlinear vortex-induced resonance and "soft" flutter, 2010.03-2013.03, preside over

Nearly 40 academic papers were published in the aspects of structural wind resistance and seismic theory, parameter identification and structural damage diagnosis. In which, the published papers to the first author and the communication author, included by SCI are 4, and included by EI are nearly 20:

Representative papers:
[1] D.M. Huang*, L.D. Zhu, W. Chen. Covariance proper transformation-based pseudo excitation algorithm and simplified SRSS method for the response of high-rise building subject to wind-induced multi-excitation [J]. Engineering Structures, 2015, 100: 425–441 (SCI,EI)

[2]Huang, D.M.*, Zhu, L.D., Chen, W.. Vertical Coherence Functions of Wind Forces and Influences on Wind-induced Responses of a High-rise Building with Section Varying along Height [J],Wind and Structures-An International Journal, 2015, 3: 1-40 (SCI,EI)

[3] Huang, D.M.*, Zhu, L.D., Chen, W. Power spectra of wind forces on a high-rise building with section varying along height [J], Wind and Structures-An International Journal, 2014, 18(3): 295-320 (SCI,EI)

[4] Dongmei Huang*, Weixin Ren, Mao Yun. Modified Complex Mode Superposition Design Response Spectrum Method and Parameters Optimization for Linear Seismic Base-isolation Structures [J]. Earthquakes and Structures (EAS)-An International Journal, 2013, 2092-7614: 341-363 (SCI, EI)

[5]Dongmei Huang*, Ledong Zhu, Quanshun Ding. A Harmonic Piecewise Linearization Method for Wind-induced Nonlinear Aerodynamic Damping Identification of High-rise Building[R]. 14th International Conference on Wind Engineering – ICWE14, Porto Alegre, Brazil, June 21-26, 2015.

[6]Huang DM*, Ren WX. Study on a Harmoic Piecewise Linearization- wavelet Transform Method for Identification of Nonlinear Vibration Systems[R]. The 13th International Symposium on Structural Engineering (ISSE-13). Hefei P.R.China, October 24-27, 2014; 1007-1024

[7]Huang Dongmei*, Zhou Shi, Ren Weixin. Parameter identification of time-varying and typical nonlinear vibration system based on wavelet transform [J]. Journal of Vibration and Shock, 2014, 33(13): 123-129 (in Chinese)(EI)

[8] HUANG Dongmei*, ZHU Ledong,Chen Wei. Amplitude Characteristics of wind loads on High-rise Buildings[J]. China Civil Engineering Journal,2012, 45(9):1-10 (in Chinese)(EI)

[9] HUANG Dong-mei, ZHU Le-dong, DING Quan-shun, CHEN Wei. Equivalent Static Wind Loads on High-rise Buildings Based on Inversion Method[J]. Engineering Mechanics,2012,29(1),p.99-105 (in Chinese)(EI)

[10] Dongmei Huang*, Ledong Zhu, Qiufen Wang. First-order Nonlinear Pseudo-beat Vibration Model Identification of High Rise Buildings[J]. Journal of Advanced Materials Research, 2011, 163-167: 3925-3934(EI)

[11] Dongmei Huang*.  Earthquake Responses for Non-proportion Damping System Based on Clough-Penzien Three-step Non-stationary Seismic Random Model[J]. Journal of Advanced Materials Research, 2011, 243-249: 927-3933 (EI)

[12] HUANG Dong-mei*, ZHU Le-dong, DING Quan-shun. Experimental research on vertical coherence function of wind velocities
in atmospheric boundary layer wind field [J]. Journal of Experiments in Fluid Mechanics,2009,23(4): 34-40 (in Chinese)(EI)

[13] Huang Dongmei, Zhu Ledong*, Ding Quanshun. Interference effects on wind-induced responses of super-tall building caused by adjacent buildings [J]. Journal of Tongji University (Natural Ssience), 2009, 37(3): 291-297 (in Chinese)(EI)

[14] Huang Dongmei*, Zhu Ledong, Ding Quanshun. Identification of modal parameters for a high-rise building aeroelastic model[J].  Journal of Vibration Engineering, 2008, 21(3): 291-297(in Chinese)(EI)

[15] HUANG Dong-mei*,LI Chuang-di ,CHEN Jun-zhong,ZOU Wan-ji. Earthquake action calculation of structure-soil interaction system - according to complex mode method in time domain based on the earthquake model about seismic code[J],Journal of Vibration Engineering,2006,19(4): 571-577(EI)

[16] HUANG Dong-mei*,LI Chuang-di. Earthquake action calculation of structure-soil interaction system:A method in frequency domain on the basis of non-stationary seismic random model based on seismic code[J],JOURNAL OF HARBIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, 2009, 41(10): 169-173(CSCD)

[17] HUANG Dong-mei*,LI Chuang-di,CHEN Jun-zhong,HUANG Tian-li. Earthquake action calculation of base isolation structure based on the earthquake model about new seismic code[J],JOURNAL OF VIBRATION AND SHOCK,2006,25(5): 134-152(EI)

[18] HUANG Dong-mei, LI Chuang-di. Complex mode superposition-response spectrum method with large damping ratio for structures with TMD[J],JOURNAL OF HARBIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, 2009, 41(12), 281-285(CSCD)

[19] HUANG Dong-mei*, QU Wei-lian. Two-step Detection Approach to Joint Damage in High-rise Tower [J].J. of HU ST. (Urban Science Edition),2003,20(2): 61-64

[20] QU Wei-lian*, HUANG Dong-mei. Two-step detection approach to joint damage in high-rise tower structures by using artificial neural [J]. EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING VIBRATION,2003,23(2): 143-149(CSCD)

[21] Li Zhuo-qiu*,Huang Dong-mei. The initial order scanning method for structure defect in the stiffness  [J]. Journal of solid mechanics (computational mechanics album) , 1998, 20: 67-71

[22] Li Zhuo-qiu*,Huang Dong-mei. Research on the physical property identification calculation method for intelligent structures [J]. Journal of wuhan university of technology (special issue), 1998, 20: 134-136



1、1998.11,Hubei Province College Students Outstanding Paper Award (first prize)。

2、2003.10,Hubei Province outstanding master's Degree Thesis Award。

3、2013.6,Central south university "531" talent project (third level)。