Xuhui HE

Highest Education: Doctor

Job Title: Professor

Native place: Zunyi, Guizhou province

Department: Department of bridge engineering

E-mail: xuhuihe@csu.edu.cn

Website: http://www.windcsu.org/




Education background

From September 2001 to December 2004, at Central South University, doctor

From September 1998 to June 2001, at Central South University, master

From September 1992 to June 1996, at Changsha Railway College, bachelor degree

Work experiences

From September 2011 to now, at Central South University, professor
From May 2009 to July 2010, at
Penn State University

From September 2005 to September 2011, at Central South University, associate professor

From March 2005 to March 2009, at Central South University, post doctorate

From September 2001 to September 2005, in Central South University, lecturer

From July 1996 to September 2001, in Changsha Railway College, assistant



Mr. HE is the deputy dean of the School of civil engineering at Central South University and the director of wind tunnel laboratory. He is also the member of board of directors, branch of bridge and structural engineering, civil engineering society of China, international association of bridge maintenance and safety managementIABMAS,international association for bridge and structural engineering IABSEand reliability engineering branch of China railway institute professional committee. In addition, he is the editorial board member of the journal of vibration engineering and journal of railway science and engineering.





Bridge Engineering

Bridge Construction

Bridge Wind Engineering

Generality of Civil Engineering


Bridge Wind Engineering

Coupled Vibrations of Wind-Vehicle-Bridge

Bridge Monitoring and Evaluation



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