Xiangrong GUO

Date of Birth: December,1968

Highest Education: Doctor

Job Title: Professor

Department: Department of bridge engineering


Education background

From September 1986 to July 1990, at Changsha Railway College, bachelor degree

From September 1990 to July 1993, at Changsha Railway College, master

From December 1993 to January 2000, at Changsha Railway College, doctor


Work Experiences

From September 1993 to April 2000, in Changsha Railway College

From April 2000 to now, in Central South University


Mr. GUO was born in December 1968,PhD,Professor,Doctoral supervisor.

In 1990, he graduated with a bachelor degree from Changsha Railway College. After that, he graduated with a master degree in 1993 and worked in Changsha Railway College.He was a professor and doctoral supervisor in 2002 and 2003, respectively.He mainly works on bridge engineering field, and he has directed and completed more than a hundred projects. Moreover, he also proposed a kind of analysis software TBI used to calculate the bridge engineering. In 1998, he won the second prize of ministry of science and technology progress. After that, he obtained the third prize of national prize for progress in science and technology in 1999. In addition, he won the first and second prize of China railway society. So far, he has published more than fifty papers, translated one work and written one book. Furthermore, he has trainedmany seven PhD and fifty masters.



Design Principle of steel structure

Steel bridge

Structural dynamics


Vibration and stability of bridge structure

Dynamics study of railway vehicle-bridge system