the research interests are Engineering Management and Enterprise Management. Inspired by the interests,Guo  head and participated 20 research projects and foundation, including Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). The research results were published in 50 journals, including 18 SCI,EI,CSSCI,CSCD index. Some obtained Ministerial or Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards. In the meantime, Professor Guo has cultivated fifty postgraduates. With industrious academic approach and literary accomplishment, Guo published several books and reports, such as Japan Insight(Hunan People's Publishing House,2003), Coordination Management of Construction Project(Science Press,2009), Coordinated Management And System Design(Science Press,2013),American Insight-A Perspective of Visiting Professor(Hunan People's Publishing House,2013), Civil Engineering Management(Press of Metallurgy Industry,2013).